Authors :- Hasanuddin Remmang

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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This research aims to provide insight to the fishermen as marinefish commodities producers and marketing agencies about which marketing channels provide a higher profit rate than the other channels. Furthermore, this research also aims to add knowledge manufacturers to do diverfikasi the product, so that the added value of goods higher. With the diverfikasi products, manufacturers will certainly increase its business Partners andultimatelysales volume will increase and the more profit also grew. This product is a dipersifikasi step form changes the behavior of the captureof manufacturers selling directly (TLJ) into a quotation of sports behavior offers (POL). The results of this research get results that the income received on the marketing agency terlibata in commodities trading fresh fish is influenced by the presence of the marketing functions. Behavioral marketing agencies on every channel so price fish sales to consumers rise on average between 17.50% to 30.67%. The existence ofthe increase in the selling price of each agency’s treatment caused by the marketing function, among others; transport function, sortiran, cleaning, packing, preserving and so on. Merchants selling fish collectors to retailers has issued a cost amounting to Rp. 8.725/kg and the level of sales of Rp. 40.593/kg. While at the level of retailers have set the selling price of Rp. 54.582/kg, but the cost is Rp. 4.825/kg so there is a difference in cost of Rp 3,900/kg between merchants and merchant aggregators retailers. Furthermore, the efficiency of marketing of fresh marine fish based on the results of the research there were data on sports channel third i.e. 22.20% da or revenue of Rp. 33.099/kg
Businessmen, Behavior Channel Distribution, Fishermen’s income