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What is a DOI?

DOI numbers (Digital Object Identifiers) are unique number combinations assigned to an article. With the help of this DOI number the article can always be located. DOI makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, and assess.

The numbers consist of numbers assigned to the publisher (in the example used below these are 10.38124) the journal title (IJISRT or International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology) some numbers that define the actual article.

If you have Published an article in IJISRT and are looking for the accompanying DOI, you can find it as follows:
In recent articles, the DOI number is given at the Published paper page.

For example, you can find: doi:10.38124/IJISRT
When there is no DOI number in the article, you can check whether a DOI number exists for the article on the Crossref website. A search query on this site gives you the DOI and a persistent link; in this case this is


About DOI;-


Globally unique identification

Prefix and suffix codes are adopted. Each code is unique, which is convenient for identifying the unique characteristics of each digital object, and eliminates the dilemma that may be difficult to identify publications due to multiple sources and name errors.

Effectively increase the speed and influence of publications

Proper use of DOI allows journals and articles not to be buried in the flood of information, can be quickly linked and searched, and the research results or publications of researchers can be quickly played to the world to enhance visibility and influence. The international well-known journal indicators SCI and SSCI use DOI as one of the criteria for selecting electronic journals; the reference format APA and Chicago have also included DOI as a column standard. It can be seen that the impact of DOI has been valued by the international academic publishing community .


Perpetual link

The link (URL) of the general network location hides the worry of data loss. Once the URL is changed and the owner is changed, the URL will become invalid and cannot be used. The DOI system makes the DOI an identification number that can always be linked to the latest information by virtue of the interchangeable characteristics of the website.


International standards, universal

In 2010, DOI became an ISO international standard and was named ISO 26324: 2012. Therefore, DOI has an applicable standard based on the world, which can consolidate the cross-border communication of digital objects.


Embodiment of knowledge publicization

The crystallization of human knowledge integrates the process of world development, and should be preserved and widely disseminated, and inspiring further research. And DOI is the propulsion to start the publicization of knowledge, so that people around the world can share the products of human wisdom.



Locating DOI


Method 1;-
You can Locate you DOI form given link below;
DOI Lookup:


Search on article title

First Author (surname) :-  Goldston
Article Title   :-  The Evolution of Digital Transformations: A Literature Review

Click on Search

The result of your search, when successful, will be the DOI for your article.

Method 2:-

If you have located a DOI follow these steps to complete the link.

Go to given link on below;


You can submit your Article’s DOI in the box and search it.

Example:- 10.38124/IJISRT20APR065




You can convert DOI to URL:


To convert a DOI to a URL precede it with the following:
For example: 10.38124/IJISRT