Author(s): P.Sai Akhila,P.L.Sowmya,E.Anna Devi.

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 4

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As a promising event watching and information gathering technique, wireless sensing element network has been wide applied to each military and civilian applications. However, thanks to the dearth of physical protection, sensing element nodes are simply compromised by adversaries, creating WSN liable to varied security threats. One amongst the foremost severe threats is selective forwarding attack, wherever the compromised nodes will maliciously drop a set of forwarding packets to deteriorate the information delivery magnitude relation of the network. During this project, it is proposed that Channel-aware System with adaptive sight ion threshold to detect selective forwarding attacks in WSNs. The CRS-A evaluates the information forwarding behaviors of sensing element nodes, in step with the deviation of the monitored packet loss and also the calculable traditional loss and it optimizes the detection accuracy.
Index Terms—wireless sensing element network, selective forwarding attack, name system, packet dropping, channel aware, routing.