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31 - July - 2024

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In 1-2 Days

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In 2-3 Days


DOI (Digital Object Identifier) :- DOI makes research objects easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. 

IJISRT provide DOI for Each Published paper, IJISRT DOI Prifix;



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Last Date of Paper Submission is  31 - July- 2024.
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Certificates Hardcopy:-

Authors can apply for the certifcates Hardcopy of the published papers (Charable). 

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Now Authors can submit Video presentations for their published papers. Record a video with explanation of your IJISRT published paper and send video at [email protected] with IJISRT paper id. We will upload it at IJISRT video channel. 


Issue 7 - July
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 6 - June
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 5 - May
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 4 - April
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 3 - March
Volume 9 - 2024


Q 1.  What is the process of publish a paper in IJISRT?


IJISRT Publication Process

Sr. No. Process Name Action
By Author By Admin
1. Submission Process Author needs to submit paper through the website or his/her IJISRT account Admin send this paper for review process
2. Review Process - Step 1:- Our reviewer do peer review for research paper.
Step 2:- Admin Accept/deny that paper on the basis
3. Publication Fee Submission Process Author needs pay publication fee and upload slip in his/her IJISRT account (*You need pay only if your paper is accepted in review process) Admin verify your payment on your IJISRT account, if it is received successfully.
4. Document Submission Process Step 1:- Author needs to submit copyright form-agreement from his/her account. Step 1:- Admin verify your all the required document.

Step 2:- Author needs to Submit his/her updated paper from his/her IJISRT account

Case 1:- (* .docx format if you submit .pdf format earlier)

Case 2:- (*if you want any miner changes or correction)

Step 2:- Admin send Authors certificates
Step 3:- Admin send your updated paper for Publication process
5. Publication Process Be relax :-) Admin Publish your paper





Q 2. How User / Author can create / Sign Up an Account in IJISRT ?

Ans. If you submit any paper for the first time it will automatically create your account in IJISRT and send your login credentials to your register e-mail id.

For Sign Up in IJISRT, you need to submit at least one paper in IJISRT.  

Q 3. Where I can submit my paper in IJISRT ?


 Method 1:-

Author / User can submit paper at given link.

After Submit your paper, you will get Paper ID + Login Account details in Paper Received E-mail.


Method 2 :-

IJISRT Existing users can submit paper from their Login account.


Note: - From Method 2, Author / User can submit paper if he/she is a registered user of IJISRT. If you are not registered User / Author then submit paper by Method 1.

Q. 4. How can I Submit Copyright Form.?

Ans. If your Paper has been accepted then next step is to Submit Copyright Form.

In your Paper Acceptance E-mail, You will find IJISRT Copyright Form in Attachments. Fill Copyright form and Upload it by given process.

Step 1:- Select MY PAPERS -), in your IJISRT Account.

Step 2:- Select the Paper ID and   Click on this Icon.


Step 3:- Upload your Copyright form and submit.

Step 4:-You will get E-mail for Conformation.

Q. 5. How can I Submit Payment Slip?

Ans. After make Payment Successfully, take a Screen-shot of Payment Slip and Upload it.

Step 1:- Select paper id  and  Click on this Icon.


Step 2:- Upload your Payment Slip and submit.

Step 3:-You will get E-mail for Conformation.

Step 4:-Once we verify your Payment for select paper id, it will Show   in  Payment Status.

Q. 6. How can I Resubmit Updated Doc (in case of paper deny )  or  submit updated Doc. (in case of want any correction in final paper)?

Ans. Select MY PAPERS -) into your IJISRT Account.

Step 1:- Select the Paper ID and  Click on this Icon.


Step 2:- Upload your Updated paper.and click on submit.

Step 3:-You will get E-mail for Conformation.

Q. 7. How can Apply for Hard Copy of Author’s Certificates?

Ans. Authors can apply for Hard Copy of Certificates. Authors can apply for Hard Copy of Certificates. Certificates Hard Copy is also available for previous published papers.

Apply from here

After received your request, you need to submit Form and Fee for Certificate Hardcopy. Form and fee submission details will receive in email. 

Q. 8. What is the fee for Hard Copy of Author’s Certificates ?


For Indian Authors:-

Number of Author’s Certificates in a Paper

Fee for Hardcopy of Author’s Certificates

(in INR)

1 800
2 1600
3 2400
4 3200
5 4000
6 4800
7 5600

+ Shipping Charges extra


For USA/Other Countries authors:-

Number of Author’s Certificates in a Paper

Fee for Hardcopy of Author’s Certificates

(in USD$)

1 15$
2 30$
3 45$
4 60$
5 75$
6 90$
7 105$

+ Shipping Charges extra

Q 9. What is the Publication fee ?

Ans. For Indian authors

Publication fee is 1500/- (INR)


For Non - Indian authors,

Publication fee is 50$. 


Charges includes

  • Online paper publication,
  • Soft copy of certificates,
  • Indexing,
  • Maintenance of link resolvers and journal infrastructures.

Q 10. Is IJISRT index in UGC, Scopus and Thomson Reuters ?

Ans. IJISRT is not index in UGC, Scopus and Thomson Reuters. IJISRT is a Peer Reviewed Journal.

Q 11. For which papers, Authors can Apply for Certificate’s Hardcopy.?
. Authors can Apply for Certificate’s Hardcopy that, already Published in IJISRT.

Q 12. What is the Ideal Structure of the paper?
. Manuscript Structure:
 The manuscript should be in English.
 The manuscript should be arranged as follows:
1- Title page. This should contain:

  • a concise and informative title (as short as possible).
  • a list of authors' names with their designation and Institution or Company name.

2- Abstract: the abstract should convey the following information:

  • The purpose of the project .
  • The research problem.
  • The methods used to address this research problem.
  • The conclusions reached.
  • The significance of the research project.

 3- Keywords. A list in alphabetical order not exceeding 8 words or short phrases.

4- Introduction: The function of the Introduction is to:

  • This is accomplished by discussing the relevant primary research literature (with citations) and summarizing our current
  • understanding of the problem you are investigating;
  • State the purpose of the work in the form of the hypothesis, question, or problem.
  • Briefly explain your approach in solving the problem of the research.

5- Materials and Methods: you explain clearly how you carried out your study.
6- Results: State the results and draw attention to important details.
7- Discussion: Point out the significance of the results in relation to the reasons for doing the work.
8- Conclusion: state the implications of the answers your results gave you.
9- References: