Author(s): Shrinivas P. Urade,S.D.Ghodmare, B.V.Khode.

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 4

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Smooth, convenient and safe flow of traffic helps to develop infrastructure of any city without damaging transport system. In India out of 3.3 million km estimated road network carries approximate 65 % of fright and 85 % of passenger traffic. So, traffic handling is the major problem for road system in India. Accident analysis helps to improve the safety features of road users. To reduce accidents and its rate according to principles of safety, to design of new or to reconstruct road system, it helps us to reduce occurrence frequency of road accident minimizing fatality rate and severity. High rate of personalized traffic present in Nagpur city deteriorating public transit, their frequency and quality. Rising of micro ego in the citizen effects on traveler turn to them use of personalized mode of transport. Reasons behind increasing the accidents are prevailing speed levels within desirable limits, human, vehicle and infrastructural behavior, improper signs and signals, visibility, etc. Objective of this study is to reduce the accident rate and to enhance road safety to the citizens in Nagpur city.
Keywords— Safety, Accident, severity, fatality rate, Traffic Volume.