Author(s): Rahul Gupta , Anila Dhingra .

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 1 Issue 7

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With the broad progress of the internet and the traits in digital verbal exchange and compression technology, digital multimedia contents, similar to track, video and snapshot, can also be disbursed right away across the web to end-users. Many media organizations sell their digital contents now not most effective using CDs and DVDs but also over the internet networks. Probably the most talents issues on dealing with the digital knowledge are that it may be quite simply altered and duplicated without shedding its great. Consequently, without safety and management of digital rights, the digital content material will also be copied and allotted to a huge quantity of recipients, which would cause income loss to media companies. Hence, mental property defense is an urgent hindrance for content owners who’re selling and exhibiting digital contents using the web. This articles discuss a robust approach for Image watermarking using Chaotic Mapping and Multi-Resolutional Wavelet Transform. The advantage of using two level hiding is targeted to achieve a promisable accuracy accounted PSNR and NC parameters respectively.