Authors :- V.Saikiran, Dr.A.Deepak

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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Deaf blind individuals are avoided from most types of correspondence and data. This paper recommends a novel way to deal with bolster the correspondence and cooperation of hard of hearing visually impaired people, along these lines cultivating their freedom. It incorporates a shrewd glove that interprets the Braille letters in order, which is utilized all around by the educated deafblind populace, into content and the other way around, and imparts the message by means of SMS to a remote contact. It empowers client to pass on basic messages by capacitive touch sensors as information sensors put on the palmer side of the glove and changed over to content by the PC/cell phone. The wearer can see and translate approaching messages by material input examples of smaller than expected vibrational usage of constant two-route interpretation amongst English and Braille, and correspondence of the wearable gadget with a cell phone/PC opens up new chances of data trade which were until now un- accessible to deaf blind people, for example, remote correspondence, and additionally parallel one-to many communicate. The glove likewise makes speaking with laypersons without information of Braille conceivable, without the requirement for prepared translators.