Authors :- Swapna Dundeppa Mudugal, Dr. Amaresh K. Nashi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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This text seeks to grasp the attitude and profitableness of Organized and Unorganized Retail Sector. The study is descriptive humor analytical in nature. The analysis was carried comparison study on perspective and profitableness of organized and unorganized retail sector in Karnataka state Haveri district. The responses were taken from fifty of organized and fifty of unorganized (100 sample from the city) through a form. The mean, variance and t-test square measure wont to get conclusion. the fashionable kids square measure principally aiming to get purchase from Malls and searching complicated. So, there’s stiff competition between organized and unorganized retailers. The study found that reducing value, to form on the market a lot of decisions and branded product square measure the most important tool for unorganized retailers to face competition. The study additionally useful in understanding is there any distinction within the strategy followed by the unorganized selling in 2 cities.
Keywords:-Comparison Study on Perspective and Profitableness of Organized and Unorganized Retail Sector in Karnataka State Haveri District.