Authors :- Bharath L V , Himanth , Didymus T M

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 10

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Gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and ethanol are major fuels used for transport and electricity generation globally. Consumers are facing the fuel adulteration threat. Adulterants are blended to this to these fuels with other inexpensive boiling point range hydrocarbons containing more or less similar composition leading to degrade or alter the quality of the base fuels. Those adulterants are blended by the business vendors for the high-profit margins. Various physical and chemical methods are available to detect/estimate the fuel adulteration; however, most of these methods are laboratory-based and expensive. Introduction of ultrasonic-based fuel detection techniques provided the on-field system for detection/estimation of adulterants presents the fuel. Ultrasonic based methods proven have to be easy, quick and inexpensive. We believe that this is the first review article presenting an exhaustive review of the ultrasonic application in detection/estimation of adulterants present in the automobile fuel. The scope of the article is to review various works on fuel adulteration process detection/estimation using ultrasonic sensor based techniques.
Keywords:-Fuel adulteration, Ultrasonic, Gasoline, Diesel, Transducers, Air pollution.