Authors :- Jagpreet Singh, Prof. M. Guruprasad, Sagar Banga

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Oceans cover 72 percent of the surface of our blue planet and provide a substantial portion of the global population with food and livelihood. Indian ocean, being the third-greatest water body in the world in terms of its size, and containing significant sea avenues that help fostering some of Asia’s largest economies, the importance of the Indian Ocean has long been clear. It is a major duct for international trade, especially energy. Its shore is vast, densely populated, and encompasses some of the world’s fastest growing regions. The Ocean is also the treasury of fisheries and mineral resources. And so its governance and surveillance is at constant risk of being crippled whether by state or by non-state actors. This forged an urgency for establishment of an inter-governmental organization between the state leads for the maritime security and economic cooperation amongst the countries of India ocean rim.