Authors :-Thanushree C, Harshitha .P, Manjunath C R.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The economy of India is mainly dependent on agriculture. Most of the people in India take up agriculture as their occupation. India also suffers from natural calamities like flood, drought are the main reasons for the crop damage and huge loss to the farmers. So the crop yield prediction in advance to harvest the farmers will be benefited to make the planning appropriately with the predicted results. The yield of the crop depends on the major factors like weather, soil, water, nitrogen, soil moisture, humidity, crop rotation, surface temperature rain water etc. Predicting the crop yield deals with the huge datasets along with lots of data analytics with are applied on those datasets. Prediction of agriculture crop yield is a job that requires the unification of knowledge from several areas such as data mining. Using data mining we extract knowledge of huge data using various algorithms/ techniques.
A huge data coming from different parameters like weather, water, pH, temperature, soil quality etc are required for crop yield prediction .Prediction of crop yield is important for managing and storage of crops and data mining also focuses upon methodologies used for extracting the useful knowledge from data and there various tools used for extracting knowledge from data. But it is sad that farmers do not use any knowledge discovery process approach for their crop yield data. Data mining is also helpful in agriculture for decision making. Our system aims at making farmers aware of the crop yield prediction by using various data mining techniques and the result of the prediction as a message to his phone.
Keywords:- data mining, agriculture, prediction, mobile application.