Authors : Syed Zaffar Iqbal.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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Among the universities or any educational institutions, the strict rules associated with the student attendance assessment is the major issue that is discussing nowadays. Various researches or studies are conducted to analyze the correlation between class attendance and the student’s performance as a whole along with the positive and negative outcomes thus their conclusions were vague. However, this research is conducted to introduce fuzzy logic related to solve attendance assessment issues among universities and other institutes. The outcomes for resolving this issue includes the outcomes of the previous researches along with the observations collected from staff members from different departments of the university. There are four characteristics of given fuzzy logic result that includes; 1) Attendance marks of the students in the class, 2) Assignments and presentations marks, 3) Quiz marks of the student and 3) Midterm examination marks of the student. All these results can be considered for the allowance of the student in final term examination. This fuzzy law and fuzzy logic can be used for getting the benefits of it that develop precise software attributes resulting in accurate software approximates. This research is based on the evaluation of 330 student’s results of AIU dataset. The 14 membership functions of fuzzy logic were utilized. The implementation of the MATLAB’s fuzzy logic control technique occurs as the methods of the research. The fuzzy logic is more famous in prognosis when the MATLAB Fuzzy tool is used. Through this tool, the implementation of the fuzzy logic membership function (MF) led it for prognosis.
Keywords:- Attendance assessment system; fuzzy logic; attendance assesment system using fuzzy logic.