Authors :-C. U. Chauhan, Abhishek Kalnawat, Akshay Aswale, Ujwal Gautam, Roshan Nemad.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The constitution of India gives the right to every person to cast the vote and according to the law is the major issue that has been observed that whether the person actually cast votes. The vote casted by a voter is it reached to a candidate or party safely is also the actual right to be known by the voter. In this paper there is the working of how one user can cast his/her vote by first giving User ID and Password and then his/her fingerprint which ensures the high level of security of the purpose of voting. This model actually gives importance to people who actually want to cast their vote, but can’t return to their native places to just cast vote. Instead people can sit in their preferred location and cast their votes securely. Thus makes people caste their precious vote easily and securely to the party/candidate they actually want to.
Keyword :- Optical Fingerprint Scanner, online voting system, Internet devices, Secure network.