Author(s): Anurag Sogani, Prakriti Trivedi.

Published in: International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


Volume/Issue: Volume 1 Issue 5

The provided document [19] suggests a portioned picture broadcasting system where screens of small size are accumulated to generate screen of bigger size through Ethernet network interface that helps in easy install & implementation of digitized display devices. The system makes use of Texas Instruments Da Vinci platform, that is comprised of Da Vinci TMS320DM6646 dual core CPU along an ARM9 core & C64+ digitized signal processor as a basic preprocessor & accelerated processor to enhance the speed of partitioning the picture & transmission in the several devices for display. A protocol having low value for overhead is taken into account for synchronizing each frame in distributed multimedia system in the connection. For dealing such issues of delay in net transmission & loss of packets, a standard precision time protocol IEEE 1588 is applied & transformed to attain seamless partitioned system of broadcasting. In this document, an algorithm is suggested that search for backup path for a provided VPN (VPN tree) that falls under single link failure model [1]. As any failure of link in a VPN tree is recognized, a backup path associated to the failing link is triggered for restoring the de-linked VPN tree to another one& further ensure reliability of a provided VPN. The suggested algorithm has the ability for minimizing the delay in transmission & loss of packets.