Authors :-  Varsha K. Tikudave , Jitendra A. Hole

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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Latent heat storage technique is an alternative technique to enhance the performance of heat exchangers in a domestic refrigerator. This study represents a comprehensive review of studies carried out up with their advantages and limitation. Researcher’s comments on possible modifications in the present work to achieve improved performance are also reviewed. The key parameters those affect the performance of PCM and the key issues related to achieving a successful integration with the system are discussed here. The studies are limited to PCM application to hot wall type condenser only, the investigation of the PCM application on other type of condenser (naturally cooled, forced cooled) is subject to further scope of work. The PCM integration with conventional system is limited due to PCMs low thermal conductivity hence analyses on PCM with nano-particle additives are subject of future scope of work. Furthermore, the liquid suction heat exchanger with PCM can be another approach to achieve enhanced performance of refrigeration systems.
Keywords— Condenser; Evaporator; Latent heat storage; Liquid suction heat exchanger; PCMs.