Authors : Ketan Kalambe, Pooja Lonare.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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supervision the development of traffic is a biggest problem all over the world. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) provides solution to the problems with the help of new technologies. Intelligent Transportation Systems is the use of PC, hardware, and correspondence advancements and the executives procedures in a consolidated way to give voyager in grouping to build the wellbeing and productivity of the street transportation frameworks, to work out and supervise the traffic troubles. In the present study we have studied major parts of the Intelligent Transportation System. The Objective of the paper is Study on the whole development of intelligent transport system in the human race and match up to with Nagpur intelligent transport system. Thus auxiliary plan and urbanized models throughout the long periods of real parts of ITS have been checked on here to make an examination investigation of Nagpur city Intelligent Transportation System. It will lead to the gaps in the awareness which can be studied further. The paper things to see the conclusions extracted from the studies of dissimilar systems and also give the future possibility in the field transportation to make it more users friendly and available.