Authors :-Divekar Chaitali B.1, Gaikwad Tejashree S.2,Barge Pragti S.3, Gawali D. S.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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For Infant babies a lot care is needed to be taken. This paper presents a prototype of Infant Baby Care & Monitoring System that helps to monitor certain parameters of baby when it is unhealthy and under observation. Vital parameters of baby such as pulse rate, respiration, moisture condition, movement of baby, cry detection of baby are monitored and using GSM network
the information is transferred to their parents or doctors. Buzzer is used for giving instant warning to the parents to take appropriate actions. The system consists of several sensors for monitoring vital parameters, LCD screen to display parameters, GSM interface to give message to parents, camera to record movement of infant and a sound buzzer all controlled by a single microcontroller core.
Index Terms – LCD, GSM, Infant Baby Care & Monitoring System(IBCMS), Advanced Baby Care System(ABCS).