Authors : Vigneshkumar.B, Amsaveni.M, Dr.Palanivel.M, Balakrishnan.M, Ramesh.K.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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The intention of this study was taken upon to view the current status of MSW in eleven Town Panchayat of Karur District, through the estimation of Physico-Chemical characteristics. Solid waste causes a serious problem since it alters soil quality & ground water quality. The amount of solid waste production is rising day by day. Improper handling, segregation, transportation, dumping, treating can cause adverse environmental impacts, public health hazards and other socio-economic problem. The city administration is carrying out collection, transportation and open dumping. The Physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals were analysed. The present study investigation will revealed a data of estimation about the nature and amount of solid waste and also suggest composting is the best way to treat the solid waste which could reduce the quantity of solid waste at maximum and used as manure. Perhaps this study may raise the social consciousness amongst the people.
Keywords:- Solid Waste, Pollution, Physico-Chemical Characteristics, Compost, Heavy metals, Ohai-EPA Standards, Karur.