Authors :- Abhinava Vinay Kumar M, Enugala Vishnu Priya Reddy, Anil Kumar M

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Every man’s life experiences a Student life which is endless freedom and heaven throughout the entire life. But in recent days Television, News channels, Newspapers and Social media are given major priority to the Harassed student to pass information because of having high rating scale within the society. Harassed students incidents are frequently occurred in rural tribal agency area like highlighting incidents same time both at Adilabad district and state capital city of Hyderabad district and results came out with the favor of students by the latest digitalization of information technology effects. Apart from this teaching education, the students learned the process of a motivation of student’s orientation class and teachers have to provide and show right path by motivation and through counseling only. As per the modern education system implemented and in well developed educational countries like Finland, Indian educational system are re-modified as teachers move with students freely by lovable teaching methods as per National Education Policy and Right to Education Act 2009 are telling that each schools management should provide a psychology teachers to the students who are backward in their education academic curriculum activities. But recently the some of the teachers are still harassing the students with having the minimum knowledge of rights of students. School management guidelines are provided to achieve their personal results in a short time period the teachers are pressured, stressed and finally, students are harassed who are not communicated by their teacher.
Keyword:-Digitalization, Heaven, Media, Motivation, Counseling, Psychology Teachers, Children’s Rights.