Authors :-A. Premavasumati, Dr. R. Thangaprasath

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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The project study has been conducted on the topic of “A Study On Employees Satisfaction Towards Effectiveness Of Tqm In Srf Technical Textiles, Viralimalai”.SRF Technical Textiles plays a key role in national production and quality development. The focus of the process is to improve the quality of organizations outputs, including goods and services, through continual improvement of internal practices. The standards set as part of the TQM approach can reflect both internal priorities and any industry standards currently in place. Industry standards can be defined at multiple levels, and may include adherence to various laws and regulations governing the operation of the particular business. Quality is based not only on product but also based on process, strategies and plans of the company. The actions which are taken by the company have to be full of qualified way where TQM principles like 5S, Kaizen and PDCA cycle is followed. This project is based on the level of satisfaction attained by the employees through the steps taken by the company. The employees have to be given importance in the organisation because the process of the company can carry over only by the employees and they have to be satisfied in all the ways by the company. The findings of this paper can helpful for the management to know the satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of the employees which also helps to improve itself.