Authors :-Dr. G. Mettilda Buvaneswari, A. Meenakashi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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“Women do two thirds of the world’s work, receive ten percent of world’s income and own one percent of the means of production.” Women in a social work play a crucial role in the society, as professionals they have to maintain balance their work as well their life effectively. In this respect any field of social work as counsellor, medical psychiatrist, Child psychiatrist, women psychiatrist and so on any of these roles they have to be intellectually, physically and mentally balanced. Here comes role of patience, empathy, and other internal, external personal trait to attain the goal efficiently being phillontheraphist. Women as a multitasking has to be maintained their professional quality of life by overcoming the various problems of their target group being a problem solver. In this profession as women has to balance their career and others livelihood by analysing the root cause of the problem, finds the permanent solution of the problem rather for time being. Through pinpointing the Basic source of problems and eradicating the crisis for ever ,apart from this they assist their clients analyse themselves to solve their needs.The study deals on Professional quality of life of women social worker practitioner in Trichirappalli city, Researcher has chosen sample size of 150 women respondent using structured questionnaire. Researcher has surveyed the descriptive study by using various statistical tools and found that women plays a vital role being social worker practitioner with respect to seven dimensions being professional social work such as stress, coping, empathy, emotional intelligence, reflective ability, resilience, professional quality of life.
Key words:- Social Work, Origin of Social Work, Scope and Method of Social Work Practise,