Authors : Arul Jothi V, Dr.Devi C G.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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A Pre- Experimental design, one group pre test and post test design was used for this study. A total of 50 parents who fulfilled the inclusive criteria were selected by using stratified random sampling technique at selected area madapattu at Villupuram District. The structured questionnaire used for this study consisted of two parts. Part I – demographic variables, Part II- structured questionnaire for assessment of knowledge on child abuse among parents. Data were collected, organized and analyzed in terms of both descriptive and inferential statistics. The pre test knowledge score on child abuse among parents revealed that 50 (100%) study participants had inadequate knowledge. In pre test the overall mean was 8.88 with the standard deviation of 2.73 Followed the Computer Assisted Instruction, the post test knowledge score on child abuse among parents, revealed that 35(70%) had moderately adequate knowledge and 15(30%)had adequate knowledge. Post test overall mean knowledge score was 22.42 with standard deviation of 1.87.