Authors : Manjunath B Patil, Shalmon Chopade, Basheerahmad S, Sankappa Gulaganji, Reshma Koloor.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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Abstract:-  Background: Occupation is the main source of income in any family to lead their life or to meet the needs of the family. The welding is a human activity is widely practiced in many areas. The welders are exposed to certain welding smoke which can be extremely toxic. It can be lead to a greater risk of health impairment
 Aim of the study: To find out the effectiveness of video assisted module on preventive practice of lung cancer among welders.
 Methods: A pre experimental one group pre test post-test research design was used, structured knowledge questionnaire are used to collect the data regarding preventive practice of lung cancer, Descriptive and Inferential statistics are used to analyze the data.
 Results: In pre test majority i.e. 31(62%) of the subjects had moderately adequately knowledge scores where as 17(34%) had inadequate knowledge scores and 02 (04%) of the subjects had adequate knowledge scores respectively. In post test Majority i.e. 35(70%) of the subjects had moderately adequate knowledge scores, where as 13(26%) subjects had adequate knowledge score and 02(04%) of the subjects had inadequate knowledge scores respectively.
 Conclusion: video assisted teaching programme enhances the knowledge of welders and helps in prevention of lung cancer.
Keywords:- Video Assisted module, welding workers, Preventive practice, Lung cancer, Effectiveness.