Authors : Rajashekharayya. C. Kanakalmath, Suvarna S Pinnapati, Dr Chetan S Patali, Dr Susheel Kumar Ronad.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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A surgical process is employed to bypass Associate in Nursing higher airway obstruction, to permit removal of tracheobronchial secretion, to allow the long-run use of mechanical ventilation to forestall aspiration of oral or stomachic secretion within the unconscious or paralytic patient Associate in Nursingd to interchange an catheter. There area unit several malady processes and emergency condition that build a surgical process necessary. The patient undergone surgical process needs continuous observance and assessment. The fresh created gap should be unbroken patent by correct suctioning of secretion once the very important signs area unit stable. The patient is placed in an exceedingly semi-fowler’s position to facilitate ventilation, promote evacuation minimize lump, and stop strain on the suture lines. physiological state and sedative agents should be administered with caution owing to the chance of suppressing the cough Reflex. As Nurses area unit the integral part to alleviate of the patients apprehension and to produce a good suggests that of communication, it’s very important to require steps for checking the data of employees nurses on medical aid of patients’ undergone surgical process and surgical operation. The nurse has to be terribly argus-eyed and diligent in approach and will be with within the patient’s reach to make sure a way of communication and the other very important wants of the patients1. Teaching is Associate in Nursing integral a part of Nursing and also the planned teaching for the nurses is one in every of the foremost effective suggests that of up care. thence the investigator felt the requirement to conduct planned teaching program relating to surgical process care effectiveness of a teaching program and contribute to boost surgical process care of employees nurse.