Authors : S.Deepapriya, N. Manjula Devi.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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On account of the article “PERIOD PEACE” from the Doc’s desk of Dr Gita Arjun on 24thJuly 2017, THE HINDU. This paper contented to reveal the dilemma about the quality and the safer disposal of the sanitary products for a woman. A survey across the women community has marked an attention and awareness on the most accurate state of women’s personal hygiene and all about, in the society. The enigma on women’s personal health issues and their personal invisible hygiene, which are under ignorance were measured. This study is conducted among the young women to bring out the importance of personal hygiene. A survey with the 213 samples been collected analyzed and interpreted with various statistical tools, and the findings show that there is basic ignorance about the proper disposal of sanitary products both highly educated and uneducated.
Keywords:- Women hygiene, Sanitary products, Safety, Awareness.