Authors : Veena Nayak, Dr.Rio D’Souza.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Multi-criteria decision methods have been widely used in different fields of development system to attain significant results. These are the quantitative methods used for reducing the complexity of system design and to arrive at final statement considering the involvement of the number of stakeholders to make a decision. As the alternatives increases and comes with attached constraints decision making becomes difficult. Many researchers have proposed several techniques to enhance software quality by adopting multi-criteria decision-support methods in the area such as Testing Criteria for UML Models, Software Project Selection, Risk Analysis, Quality Evaluation, and Assessment etc. This paper mainly focuses on combining all the work related to the implementation of MCDM in software engineering, for making a decision in the different area of application. This highlights more prominently used methods and the advancements in those methods in the recent years.
Keywords:- Multi criteria decision making (MCDM), Decision Making (DM), Software Engineering (SE), Prioritizing, Alternatives, Constraints.