Authors : Shafana, A.R.F., Abdul Haleem, S.L.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The concept of “Smart Cities” have gained wide attention in the technology community. Smart Cities could be envisioned as the one that is strongly backed by Information and Communication Technologies to make the services and monitoring of cities more aware, interactive and efficient. The growing population and its migration towards cities have in fact made this concept to gain wide outreach and acceptance by various stakeholders. This paper in particular reviews the concept of smart cities in various aspects. At first, the potential technologies employed to achieve smart cities are discussed which is followed by the review on several case studies that have deployed smart city concepts globally. This paper concludes that the realization of smart city concept, if well established, could help in the sectors of energy management, weather forecasting, smart parking, waste management, street repairing, smart lighting, traffic control, instant notifications to local authorities which are indeed the impending issues related to the growing population.
Keywords:- Smart Cities, Information and Communication Technology, Sustainable, Internet of Things.