Authors : Levitah C. Mapatac.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This study focused on the academic performance of freshmen in Introductory College Chemistry (ICC) in two prestigious universities in Caraga Region namely; Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) a private sectarian school and Caraga State University (CSU) a state university.
Distinctly, it sought to respond the problem on the high school pedagogical experience in Introductory College Chemistry freshmen students in two HEI’s in terms of, chemistry activities, organization and structure of chemistry course, laboratory experience and characteristics of the high school chemistry teacher. It also investigated the academic performance of the respondents in ICC and to find out if there is a significant association between the student’s high school pedagogical experiences in chemistry and their performance in ICC.
In association between the students pedagogical experiences in high school chemistry and the used of technology, results showed that there was no significant association with the performance in relation to selected chemistry task such as the number of days spent in class, experiences in chemistry laboratory activities, preparation of laboratory prior to actual activity and the amount of discussion during the laboratory activity. Among the variables, only the positive characteristics of high school teachers showed statistically significant association with the academic performance of the respondents. Wherein teachers with high mean responses have a high incidence of positive characteristics. FSUU respondents who belong to numerically low-grade bracket tend to be affected with high school chemistry teachers with negative or no good positive characteristics of high school chemistry teachers.The time spent by high school teachers in selected chemistry topics has a significant association with the academic performance of the respondents coming from both schools, FSUU and CSU. And laboratory grades and the time spent in the following topics; Atoms and Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions and Equations, Solutions, Stoichiometry, and the history of people of chemistry has a significant relationship to the grade in a laboratory.
Keywords:- Academic performance in ICC, high school pedagogical experiences, characteristics of high school teachers and chemistry topics.