Authors : B.Lakshmi Priya, M.Prithviraj, C.Baraniraj, P.Duraikannu.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 7

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According to the recent survey of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States, 30% of the car accidents take place due to driver drowsiness or fatigue. This project addresses this issue by continuously monitoring the drowsiness of the driver with the help of heartbeat sensor and night vision camera. Heartbeat sensor is used to find the variation in heart beat due to drowsiness and night vision camera is used to monitor the eye blinking rate. The driver’s heartbeat count and the number of eye blinks are continuously monitored for a period of 2 minutes using a heart beat sensor and night vision camera respectively. From the measured values, the proposed system mathematically manipulates the drowsiness and fatigue level of the driver. If the driveris found to be drowsy, an alarm by means of a buzzer is given to the driver to alert him not to sleep. Additionally, in case of accidents the information about the location is sent to the ambulance server through the IOT, by the virtue of Vibration Sensor.
Keywords:- Heartbeat, Eye Blink, Vibration Sensor, Drowsiness.