Authors : Nithyajothi Govindaraju.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The significance of employee turnover problem has been widely acknowledged in turnover research. Literature source has a handful number of employee turnover models to address the issue of employee turnover. However, it is a non-known fact that it can be applied in all the cultural settings.This research aims to expand review on employee turnover models that have a significant and theoretical contribution to the employee turnover literature.This investigation has attempted to comprehend turnover inquire about models and gather all the worker turnover models on a single stage. This paper builds up an applied model of worker turnover dependent on a broad audit of the writing. The proposed theoretical model clarifies the turnover procedure that prompts the real turnover. The proposed employee turnover model may encourage academicians and industrialist to address the issue of high employee turnover.
Keywords-: Employee turnover, employee turnover model, retention, and disappointment.