Authors :-N. V. Narayanan, Dr. S. Suresh Babu, Purushothaman B M.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The profession of real estate investment contains the activity of facility management, practice, experience and coming up with. The professionals of assets industries area unit engineers, lawyers, economist, environmentalists, etc. For the self-made fulfillment of the various tasks it’s essential to form information acquisition, produce a choice network. throughout the choice support particularly in those cases once we have abstraction information, the GIS will provide an important help. within the development method of assets a sort of natural process happens whereas we have a tendency to integrate many information bases and totally different information which may lead U.S.A. to more practical selections and knowledge. the choice support model contains the wants raised by totally different specialty against assets development. within the article we have a tendency to define the higher than mentioned facts with the assistance of various examples and assumptive the requirement of valuation method automation, for instance for the aim of mass appraisal, the need of higher than mentioned information assortment within the sort of appropriate info got to be predicted. It ought to contain info characterizing real estates, conjointly in abstraction domain, to permit their adequate description and differentiation.
Keywords:- GIS Valuation; Remote Sensing.