Authors :S. Chimouriya, I. Shrestha, S. Piya, J.Lamichhane, D. Gauchan

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Adhatoda vasica and Eupatorium adenophorum are regarded as allelopathic plant which possesses important allelochemicals. In this study, allelopathic effects of fresh aqueous extracts and air dried aqueous extracts of leaves of Adhatoda vasica and Eupatorium adenophorum were investigated on germination and seedling growth of Capsicum annum L.var. Karma and Namdhari. The study was conducted in Biotechnology Department of Kathmandu University in 2017. Results showed significantly inhibitory effects of aqueous extracts on seed germination, growth and dry biomass of seedlings. The germination percentage, seedling vigor index, hypocotyl and radical length, and seedling biomass is significantly reduces with increased in concentration of extract al p found in Karma variety treated with dry aqueous extract of Adhatoda vasica and Eupatorium adenophorum i.e. germination percentage by 34.49 and 27.6%, hypocotyl length by 71.04 and 67.9%, radical length (63 and 59%) and seedling vigor index by 75.44 and 69.3% respectively. In this experiment, dry aqueous extracts were more phytotoxic than fresh aqueous extracts.
Keywords:- Allelopathy, Adhatoda vasica, Eupatorium adenophorum, Allelochemical.