Authors : Nishant Mukeshchandra, Dr. Basavaraj S. Balapgol, Ashiwini R. Patil.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Today in this technological era, Construction project needs to be completed with a great amount of speed and within budget. Industry needs to accept new treads in equipment, material and new techniques of planning the project. The objective of this research is show the difference between the completion time of project using traditional method and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). Basic concept behind this method is not to consider the safety margin as we do in traditional method. Instead buffers will be provided and will act as an early warning to the execution team. To calculate the buffer size Root Square Error Method (RSEM) is adopted. Keeping this in mind, a construction site was selected to implement this method. Construction of Hostel Building with 870 student occupancy was commenced. Furthermore, the data related to research like availability of resource and duration estimates were gathered. Not only the data were just collected but also compiled with the help of MS Project to form a schedule. After that, to avoid the multitasking resource contention will be removed and duration of project will be derived as well as compared with the traditional method.
Keywords:- Buffers, Critical Chain, Multitasking, Root Square Error Method.