Authors : Dr. Saurabh Gupta, Sameer Rajan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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It is the Government’s duty to make policies for the benefit of the citizens. It evolves ideas and approaches against the hindrances in the way of development and transformation of the society. In the current e-Governance Project evolution, Government agencies focus on the current e-Governance development and implementation activities. Government Process Reengineering is needed for redesigning and redefining the Government Processes related to the e-Governance projects. In this regards, a common model can be adopted in the challenging environment of the Government process so that predefined concepts can be followed with required changes to avoid the failure of the e-Governance implementation. Process Reengineering alone is not sufficient to handle the complexity of the process so the architectural implementation is need of the time.
The Zachman framework is the implementation of Enterprise Architecture which provides a structured way to view and define an enterprise process. Government considers the importance of e-Governance projects and invites new implementations to stable the challenging transformation. In this paper, we proposed an architectural model of Government Process Reengineering with the use of Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework. We also highlight the benefits and importance of the proposed model in government sector.
Keywords:- E-Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Government Process Reengineering (GPR), Zachman Framework (ZF).