Authors :-Rohit Yadav, Yateen Pawar, Kiran Suryawanshi, Rohan Khupkar, Kulkarni P.H..

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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In this paper we Design a completely automated monitoring and control of vehicle entry-exit in restricted area using ANPR system. Automatic Number Plate Recognition system i.e. ANPR system is an image processing technology. The project aims at designing a system which captures vehicle image along with its number plate automatically and further these details are verified with the database filled in online registration form . The system has color image inputs of a vehicle and the output has the registration number of that vehicle. The system first senses the vehicle and then gets an image of vehicle from the front view of the vehicle. Vehicle number plate region is extracted using the image segmentation in an image. Optical character recognition technique is used for the character recognition. The resulting data is then used to compare with the records on a database so as to come up with the specific information like the vehicle’s owner, vehicle number, address, etc. If the Vehicle number is match then the gate will be open with the help of DC motor. The system is implemented and simulated in Matlab, and it performance is tested on real image.
Keywords:- Number plate recognition, Indian number plates, webpage, web camera, dc motor driver, LED, buzzer.