Authors :-G H Ghazia , Kanjana G

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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The growth of digital technology has resulted in the confidentiality and information integrity problems. Thus data hiding became an important process for secured information transmission. Information security needs high authenticated techniques for the prevention of unauthorized access. Personal information like Bio- metric signatures are efficient tools in revealing an individual identity since they has unique human characteristics. An efficient and secured approach for multiple binary biometric signatures is encrypting, multiplexing and then embedding them into a color image. The embedding process is confidential since information cannot be accessed without knowing the process and the correct keys for encryption. Orthogonal coding technique in turn results in enhanced security with increase in robustness and information integrity which makes it practically impossible to access the information without respective authorization. Orthogonal codes are mainly a set of sequences with correlation properties. It implements encryption along with a multiple phase shifted reference based joint transform correlation technique. It produces more faithful reproduction of data and also helps in better hidden transmission.
Keywords:-Data Hiding, Biometrics, MRJTC-Multiple Phase Shifted Reference Joint Transform Correlation, Orthogonal .