Authors : Sathish Kumar S V.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Multi-sensor fusion (or) multi-sensor information fusion is an emerging technology which is being applied in the field of robotics, image and signal processing and medical diagnosis. The main objective of this paper is to give an idea about the various sensor fusion performance and technical characteristic obtained from different techniques. It is based on the principle of integration of data from different sensors that could allow a better understanding of the data from different varieties of sources for achieving better performance in many of the individual sources like weather forecasting, statistical data analysis and estimation. In engineering system, the fusion methods are significant because the system could provide capability to systems with different sensors especially beyond that individual system of the sensors. Multi-sensor fusion of data allows integration of data from various sensors for improvising the perceiving of environment and makes easier for decision making, planning, executing and control of automation. From this paper had proposed an idea about the smart home system with the help of various sensors which help to mentor the home which helps the people for mentoring the old persons in home.
Keywords:- Multi-sensor data fusion, image fusion, neural network image fusion, decision level fusion, integrating data, Smart Home.