Authors :-Dhananjaya Kumar K.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The data is Every where and each collection of related data called as an information some how coming to the data presently processing parallel and distributed manner, each distributed data should access, maintain, storage in database system. The technology comes under how they works in big data and it’s challenges, applications, and how big data can improve their analytics of information technology and how technology involved in information science technology, medical science technology, education technology, transportation technology, data science technology, corporate technolog y, government sectors, telecommunication technology and many other resources technologies. Mainly the problem is storage and manipulating information so avoid the problem of the storage, we use a big data and big data analytics. This paper provides understandings on data, information technology, big data analytics are, how its work and how big data analytics improve distributed storage, discussion and conclusion included.
Keywords:- Information Technology, Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Tools.