Authors : Dr. Elmahdee Hashim, Dr. Aminah Binti Md Yusof, Dr. Khawla M Alamen.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Any project manager to be qualified must possess core competencies. The required competencies must cover all aspects needed for successful projects to deal with engineering, coordination, and managerial issues. Despite there are many frameworks, they do not cover all competencies. For example, the PMCD framework focused on managerial competencies and lack of engineering competencies. Both managerial and engineering competencies are very important. Managerial competencies help in leading, manage, and control the project activities; however, engineering competencies help in understanding the engineering aspects and dealing with them. Therefore, this study tries to integrate two important frameworks which are PMCD and Engineering Canada Frameworks. Factor Analysis is used to categorize the competencies in the integrated model. A number of six factors or groups have been identified for the 21 competencies of the two frameworks.
Keywords:- Project Manager; Competencies; PMCD Framework; Engineering Canada Framework; Factor Analysis.