Authors :-A.D.Bhosale, ArchitPradip Hatkhambkar, RupeshVinayak Katkar, Shubham Balasaheb Babar, Sunny Pramod Gorivale.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Unique structures need more time for its time consuming calculations, if we use manual methods. STAAD Pro provides us a quick results. It is easy to use for analyze and design any structure for more accuracy. In the STAAD Pro limit state method is use as per Indian Standard Code and Practices. We can conclude that this software can save much time and very accurate in designs .In this project G+3 structure is consider and dead, live ,combination, wind are applied. Then results are studied and compared by manual calculations. For this purpose this project has been selected. In the STAAD Pro the designing is done by Better technique for creating Geometry, Defining the cross sections for column and beam etc, Creating specification and supports, then the Loads are defined. After that the model is analyzed by ‘run analysis’. Then reviewing (whether beam column passed in loads or failed) results.
Keywords:- multistoried, planning, analysis, design,, residential building, manual.