Authors : Ardi Sutra, Leni Merdawati, Hafni Bachtiar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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The good quality of administration services at the primary health care will provide satisfaction to the patient as a customer. Therefore, it is important for the public health centre to ensure that the services provided meet the patient’s expectations. The purpose of this study is to assess service quality of administration services of the primary health care where importance performance analysis model is used. Methods: This study is descriptive analytical with quantitative approach and data is analyzed by using univarite, and then applied into important performance analysis matrix. The sample consisted of 222 patients by using simple random sampling technique. Results: Service quality indicates that the gap in all five dimensions and the highest perception was in empathy dimensions and the highest expectation was in reliability. The mean score of perception and expectation was 3.72 and 4.90, respectively. Also, according to findings, reliability, responsiveness and assurance were in Quadrant (I), tangible was in Quadrant (II) and empathy was in Quadrant (III). Conclusion: This primary health care was unable to fulfill patients’ expectations in overall quality of service.
Keywords:- Perceptions and expectations, gaps, service quality.