Authors : Erry Rimawan, Rudolf Simatupang.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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Komando Global Express is an expedition service company with two criteria of customers, i.e., corporate and retail customer. This research focuses on the issue regarding the corporate customer of the company. Despite an increase in the number of the corporate customer, it is revealed that the corporation using the service of Komando Global Express does not remain the same for five semesters. The data of the retail customers are not that detailed due to unclear cooperation contract between the company and the customers. The problem of corporate customers is worthy of investigation using Service Quality (Servqual) and Important Performance Analysis (IPA) method. The result shows that the level of customer’s satisfaction on the service of Komando Global Express is of high category. However, this does not ensure the competitiveness of the company. Such an issue blames the lack of 12 attributes of the quality of services. Improvement of these attributes is crucial, especially the aspect of responsiveness and assurance, while the sustainability of the other six attributes related to the tangibility, reliability and empathy need to be maintained.
Keywords:- Quality, Service, Competitiveness, Servqual, IPA.