Authors :-Mulla Shamiya Abdul Gani,Shaikh Farhan Mohd Farid,Sayed Firdaus Sarfuddin,Kalpana R. Bodke.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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In current world hierarchical business is the new market of earning and supporting for promoting new business ideas. In this paper we are promoting such business with technical support of android application. A Discount Card is a card, that allows the individual to avail discounts on the prices of some products or services. It intends the conditions agreed upon between the business companies for a specific series of coupons regarding the validation and redemption. This system proposes an easiest solution for more profitmaking
business for Discount Card Management. A method of QR Code is introduced where the information of the customer will be encoded in the QR (Quick Response) Code in the encrypted form. The Merchant on the other hand will have a scanner to scan this QR code available with the customer. This management application will help the business company to keep a track of a where about of the coupons where they are redeemed, who has redeemed and various other Statistics. Let us consider a person XYZ, an authorized owner of the said discount card wants to use this app. The customer goes to a specific shop which has a tie up with the business group and has agreed to avail the discount to its customers. The shop owner will scan the QR code available with the customer to validate the personal. This scanning will be visible to our business group and help them to keep a track of all the Statistical Analysis.
Keywords: QR Code Generator, QR Scanner, Statistical Analysis, Zxing Library.