Authors :Eliza, Hema Malini, Dwi Novrianda.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The need for accurate data / information is increasing but the information system is still unable to produce accurate, complete and timely data. Implementation of Puskesmas information system is not maximally done in the field. This results in less data accuracy. This research type is quantitative research cross sectional design. Aims to determine the determinants of factors related to the implementation of Puskesmas management information system in Padang Pariaman District conducted on 1 s / d May 31, 2018 by way of interviews using a questionnaire. The population of this research is all of SIMPUS data processing officer in Padang Pariaman Regency with 201 people, sample is taken with proportional random sampling technique amounted to 134 people. The result of chi square test showed no significant relationship between sex with SIMPUS implementation. There is a significant relationship between employment status, marital status, employee skill (man), availability of funds (money), facilities and infrastructure, methods and machines with the implementation of SIMPUS. Skill officer is the most dominant factor associated with the implementation of SIMPUS in Padang Pariaman District. It is expected that the management of Puskesmas develop strategies to improve the skills of data processing officers, for example by conducting socialization, supervision and discussion together conducted by fellow data processing officers at the Puskesmas.
Keywords:- Implementation of Puskesmas Management Information System, Padang Pariaman District, Skill Officer.