Authors : Muklis Kanto, Patta Rapanna, Heslina.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Housing and settlement are one of human basic requirements and that is the important factor in increasing their level and status.The increasing of society interest of having a house in urban areas be the main tringger of developer companies appear that compete with service quality. In this case, marketing management be an important think to give attention. The aim of this research is to know that how far thew quality of marketing mix, quality of vicinity, and quality of interaction as service quality dimension which generally perceive by housing customer influenced positively and significantly to the customer satisfaction.This research used sampiling from housing customer in Makassar City in three stratums that are housing customer type A (simpledents by using healthy house), type B (middle house) and type C (luxurious house). The sampling used randomly and based on stratum (stratified random sampling) the sampiling of this research consisted of 125 respondents by using questionnaire which used likerd scale and the data analysis used AMOS program.The result of the research which used hirerachical opproach in measure the service quality shows that the service quality have positive influential and significant for customer satisfaction, marketing mix have positive influential and significant for customer satisfaction, vicinity have positive influential and does not significant for customer satisfaction.
Keyword:- Servce, quality, Customer, Marketing, Satisfaction.