Authors : R.M. Sugengriyadi, Untung Mardono, Doto, Erry Rimawan.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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The market competition for reinforcing steel products in Indonesia is in the perfect competition position, where factory capacity is very unbalanced compared to existing demand, so that low cost strategic becomes a strategy that the majority is applied by manufacturers to win the market and win the competition. This encourages PT. ABC as one of the producers of reinforcement Steel evaluates production performance to look for potential improvements in order to eliminate losses / waste and other wastage with the aim of increasing productivity so that operational performance is efficient and produces quality products at competitive prices. The percentage of misroll losses or failed processes in 2014 – 2017 shows an increasing trend with an average of 1.6% and a DPMO value (defect per Million Opportunity) of 16,255 or 3.83 sigma. In this study, the DMAIC Six Sigma approach and FMEA analysis are used to eliminate misroll losses and the improvements made can reduce misroll losses to Sigma 4.0 or 6,000 DPMO levels and increase productivity by 1,500 tons / year at a production level of 150,000 tons / year.
Keywords:- Defect elimination, DMAIC Six Sigma, Productivity, FMEA.