Authors : Risky Firlanda Putra, Dhea Rakhmat Ginanjar, Rendy Sutiyono, Erry Rimawan.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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On the scopeof employment during retirement is when the start of an employees does not get full salary or salary because it has entered retirement age. Entering retirement relates to the clarity and uncertainty of the future in which employees become the problem. Employees experience confusion in decisionmaking for the future to be lived due to too many job options and needs in the future. Attention and hope formed about the future, as well as planning to make it happen is known as future orientation. the future orientation is the individual’s image of himself in the context of the future that forms the basis for setting goals, plans, and evaluations to what extent they can be realized primarily in terms of education, career, and family. This paper is a correlational writing that aims to determine the relationship between self efficacy with future oration on employees BPJS Employment Branch Office Madiun.
Keywords:- Self-efficacy, future orientation, retirement.