Authors :-Bhaskar R. S.

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Conventional, Single, Two and Multipoint Incremental Forming (CIF, SPIF, TPIF and MPIF) Processes is an innovative forming approach for sheet materials. In conventional metal forming process the product are produced by dedicated tools i.e. die and punch but SPIF is a die less and other is with die metal forming technique applied mostly applied for small batch and custom made products of various shapes and dimensions. To take advantages these two techniques, a hybrid process has been developed. The forming experiments are performed on 3 axes CNC machines. Future work will apply this approach to other alloys used in Denture base, aeronautic or automotive applications.
Keywords:- Incremental forming, SPIF, MPIF, Numerical Simulation, denture base, Tool path Design