Authors : Milind Rathod, Mohammad Omair, Radhika Sahani, Raghav Agarwal, Rashank Kuckreja.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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Voting during elections is one major operation that requires time co-ordination and management, considering the mammoth number of voters waiting for their turn in a long queue and the responsibility of conducting the operation with utter care and in a confidential manner. The main reason behind conducting this research is to understand the flow of events that form the operation and to use the high degree of application of operation research to bring an optimum solution that can ease the work of both voters and government officials. The first part of this paper will provide an overview on voting process in India and methodology used to collect secondary data. Second part will show the analysis on data collected and conclude on this paper. Overall, this paper made an attempt to understand the application of operation research in voting process.