Authors :-Smita Jadhav, Pournima Mandak , Manisha Yadav, Pradnyawant. N. Kalamkar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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In the present era the resources such as water and electricity are of limited resources which need to be saved from being waste. While saving the resources such as water we should not forgot the trees which are of much more importance. In this technique we are using a application for atomization of garden, which will help to save the flora of the garden. For atomization we are going to control the light, water dustbin waste etc. This can be useful for avoiding the misuse of water and electricity. In this technique we are using number of application for atomization of the garden such as water level indication, dustbin indicator, electricity monitoring etc. After controlling the various parameters we are using GSM module to send the data of particular parameter to the person who is controlling the garden automation. We are using time for each and every parameter so that only at that instant it can resume again. For controlling this technique we are using an Arduino which will be going to control all the parameters. For light we are using LDR sensor, for water level sensor and for particular control we are using various pumps and the motors.
Keywords:- Electricity, LDR, Level sensor, Pumps, motors, GSM, Solar panel etc.